Selecting a Family Law Attorney in Idaho

What comes to mind when you think about a family law attorney in Boise, Eagle, Meridian, or Nampa Idaho? Most of us may think ‘divorce,’ but there are actually quite a few legal matters within the realm of family law.

Some of the issues within family law can include parentage proceedings, surrogate representation, adoption, child custody and support, paternity testing, guardianship, divorce, domestic violence protection orders, alimony and many more.

A misconception

All lawyers are not created equal.

Family law is different from other types of law. We deal with people and the delicate, complex relationships between them.

The decisions around a particular family law issue will echo long after the practicalities are over. At Thalia Radey Law, we believe that compassion and sensitively lie at the heart of family law.

What should I look for in a family law lawyer?

· Professionalism – Your family law lawyer should be intelligent and courteous and always act in a professional manner.

· Experience – The attorney you choose should already have dealt with similar issues to what you are going through. Experience is what separates the excellent family law lawyers from the just-good-enough ones.

· Expertise – Family law cannot be a sideline in general practice. A family law lawyer that focuses exclusively on family law issues is your best bet and can make the most significant difference in the outcome of your case. Delete the previous paragraph.

Expertise – Family law should be a passion for your family law lawyer. Although he/she might practice in other areas of law too, the person’s primary focus must be family law issues.

· Knowledgeable about family law – Can the lawyer answer all of your questions in a clear and realistic manner? If not, you should look elsewhere.

· Knowledgeable about family law – Can the lawyer answer all of your questions in a clear and realistic manner? The important thing here is that your family law lawyer has an excellent fundamental knowledge of the law. Remember, it is perfectly ok for a lawyer to ‘go back to the books’ and confirm his/her thoughts before giving you advice. You’ll appreciate that honesty, won’t you?


· Relatable – Has the lawyer been through divorce, child custody/support themselves at some time in their lives? Are they easy to talk to and can you see yourself working with this person through the ups and downs of the process? It can help to have someone who has literally gone through this process and not just represented it.

In your corner – Do you get a sense the lawyer will look out for your best interests and that of your family? You want to have confidence the attorney will be there for you every step of the way.

Before you choose someone to represent you, ask yourself the following questions:

· Is the lawyer an expert in his/her field?
· Has he/she handled similar cases to mine?
· Were all of my questions answered thoroughly and in terms that were easy to understand?
· Did the lawyer seem interested in my case and did he/she really listen to what I had to say?
· Did the person propose a strategy and did we discuss the pros and cons thereof?
· Do I like the person and do I feel that I can work with him/her?


The right mesh

It is essential to try and find the right match in family law for you.

Thalia Radey has years of experience, and she prides herself on focusing on every family issue that comes before her as if it is the only important thing she has to do. You deserve it, don’t you think?

Meet with Thalia and go through our checklist afterward. We think you’d be pleasantly surprised! Contact our offices today at (208)577-6795 to schedule a free consultation or visit our website at for more information on our family law services.

We can help.


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